Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Progress (photos)

Hello again,
I have three more posts of our adventures in the works but Kevin's mom pointed out yesterday that we hadn't posted any updates on our garden progress so here of some photos, taken one week apart.

These represent the state of our garden on June 14 and June 22 (there's no mistaking which is which). I also photographed our first radish. (I know, I'm like the kid who watches a seed sprout in a Dixie cup on the windowsill for the very first time!). In one of my posts this weekend I'll post the photos I took this week - I can't believe how fast everything grows with all this rain!

Happy Independence Day! We are having friends over for an all-local dinner! Future posts will include today's wine shopping expedition.

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UU Jerri said...

The beds look great! You'll be rewarded later with all the current hard work. Every year will get easier and easier.