Monday, June 16, 2008

May 3 - Starting From Seed

So I bought organic seed packets when we returned from Spain (over a month ago) with the best of intentions. Now it’s the beginning of May and we’re just getting around to planting the seeds. My original plan was to direct-sow everything but an experienced gardener friend recommended that we start key plants ahead.

I read the backs of the seed packets and determined that the best use of our available indoor space would be to start my tomatoes, bell peppers, and melons. Today Neva and I mixed some organic potting mix with sphagnum moss (better than harvested peat moss) and started the seeds in small pots I’d saved from perennials purchased in previous years.

We invited the neighbor boy, who is five, over to help. His favorite part was scooping the soil mix into the pots with a trowel. I was surprised to find that he didn’t want to touch the dirt because my Neva just dove right in. She grabbed great handfuls of soil and stuffed it in the pots. She was also the official dibbler, gleefully sticking her finger in the dirt to make holes for us to put seed into.

We planted Brandywine (eating), San Marzano (paste), and Sweetie (cherry) tomatoes, Hearts of Gold cantaloupe, and Moon and Stars watermelon. The rest of the seeds will have to be direct-sown in mid-May (after danger of frost and after we’ve prepared our beds).

We watered in the seeds and placed them on a table in our bedroom in front of a large, south-facing window. Now we wait.

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