Saturday, January 10, 2009

Check out the GO Section of today's Rockford Register Star

Geri Nikolai wrote a short follow-up piece to the article that appeared this spring in the Rockford Register Star. It appears in her weekly column in the GO Section. Here is the link to the teaser which gives a photo and shares the original story as well:

Here is the link to the actual article:


Doug Silberhorn said...

Hi, I truly loved the article.
I am Susie from Susie's Garden Patch in Garden Prairie, Illinois. We are not a CSA; however, we are a u-pick farm. There are no membership fees or admission to the farm. You just come and walk or drive around the farm to the area being picked.

Things you can pick: asparagus,rhubarb,strawberries,raspberries,tomatoes,peppers(all),egg plant, lettuce, gr.onions and so much more. I personally travel to Michigan and Wisconsin to buy the freshest fruit direct from the grower to me. I buy from an Amish auction the few vegetables that are to labor intensive to grow.

Check us out:

Canning is easy once you know how. On Saturday the 10 I canned applesauce from a bushel of honeycrisp apples that were in my fruit cellar.

congratulations great work.
God Bless

Lenae said...

Thanks, Susie!
I know all about Susie's Garden Patch. Most of the strawberries in my freezer, jam jars, and in jars (dehydrated) were picked at your farm! I've also purchased the items I knew you grew at your stand at the Edgebrook Farmers' Market this summer.

I mentioned you in my post on July 6th titled "Strawberry Fields are Fleeting."

We'll see you next year!